Boards - marking zones

Boards - marking zones
Boards - marking zonesBoards - marking zonesBoards - marking zones

Parking markings.

Dimension: 165 x 110 cm

board 100 x 100 cm

A board with the markings of the parkung zones.

Area A, Area B, Area C etc etc.

The board is built on the basis of a system aluminum anodized silver and

plastic - 5 mm PVC + aluminum back structure.

Garafika made of 3M foil.

the board has additionally 2 steel profiles 25 x 25 mm with a length of 2 x 100 cm

50 cm is buried in the ground - 50 cm goes inside the profile.

NOTE - The board is demountable with side screws.


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Nazwa: Boards - marking zones
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Cena netto: 1 950,00 zł
Cena brutto: 2 398,50 zł
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