Coronavirus cover

Coronavirus cover

Plexiglass cover against viral infections. Droplet type viruses, cold, flu and coronovirus. The plexiglass cover effectively protects against coughing and has a much larger cover than the mask. The COVID-19 coronovirus is an acute infectious disease of the respiratory system and our shield provides physical protection against viruses.

The anti-virus glass is 3 mm thick and has a size of 1000 x 1500 mm.

Fastening with steel system hooks and steel cables to the ceiling.

Easy and quick assembly

Nazwa: Coronavirus cover
Cena netto za szt.: 550,00 zł
Cena brutto za szt.: 676,50 zł
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Cena netto: 550,00 zł
Cena brutto: 676,50 zł
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