Alumex coffers

Alumex coffers
Alumex coffersAlumex coffers

Milled aluminum panels + plexiglass + LED

Construction of the coffer:

Face - aluminum (color: brushed silver, silver-gray, glossy black, matt black)

with milled graphics glued on the bottom with white plexiglass in a given color or

* sticking spatial letters from 10 mm plexiglass.

Side "10 cm" - System aluminum profile in silver anodized or black.

Back - PVC

LED interior lighting (white)

Price per m2 - EUR 340

* + 40% to the value of the product.

smaller coffers also counted as 1 m2.

coffers prepared for self-assembly

Installation in Warsaw - 35% of the value of the products

Access: EUR 0.5 / 1 KM - counted W-wa / client / W-wa.

All prices + 22% VAT.

For advertising agencies, very high discounts on products (up to minus 25%) after sending company documents confirming the agency's activity by e-mail.

Nazwa: Alumex coffers
Cena netto za szt.: 2 100,00 zł
Cena brutto za szt.: 2 583,00 zł
Ilość w opakowaniu: 1
Cena netto: 2 100,00 zł
Cena brutto: 2 583,00 zł
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