Medea pylon profile

Medea pylon profile
MEDEA aluminum profiles are available in one length of 600 cm
The aluminum profile can be cut to any length ... to facilitate transport and assembly.
For Pylon, e.g. We can cut a 6-meter profile in 6 pieces per side.
After folding, you can hardly see any joints.
Basic assembly instructions for Pyonu Medea 6000 x 1200 mm
For the construction of a steel substructure, we use a steel profile 80 x 80 x 3 mm
1 - We buy a pit for the foundation c.a. 1400 x 500 x 1500 mm-deep.
      and we bring the electric wire
      (maximum power consumption 200 WAT)
2 - Insert the previously made reinforcement 8 pins (16 mm)
      pour - CONCRETE B25 - drying time - minimum 3 days.
      We stick out an electric wire in the middle of the foundation
      sheathed with a conduit.
3 - Put the lower steel structure on the pins
     - we turn crosswise.
4 - We fix the upper part of the structure to the lower one with 4 screws.
5 - We install side MEDEA system aluminum profiles.
5 - We connect electric wires to LED halogen lights
6 - we put on the faces (first put one side of the face in the profile
     aluminum - bend the material outside to insert it
     the other side (do not insert from the top!)
     In the middle, put a strip connecting the faces.
7 - put on the top cover and screw it on the sides with 2 self-screws.
The pylon can also be permanently mounted by releasing it directly
2 steel extended construction profiles into the ground.
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Cena netto: 900,00 zł
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