Waiter Payer

Waiter Payer

Menu card made of ecological leather:

Available colors: mahogany, burgundy, navy blue, pine.

Each menu card has fittings on four sides.

Each menu card has a sponge under the skin + 5 thick foil baskets for A4 sheets (10 sheets - two-sided)

Embossed logo - gold or silver plated: Matrix: + 66 EUR

+ EUR 2 for each Menu card.


For advertising agencies - high discounts on products


(minus 20%) after submitting the confirming company documents

agency activity by e-mail .

Nazwa: Waiter Payer
Cena netto za szt.: 30,00 zł
Cena brutto za szt.: 36,90 zł
Ilość w opakowaniu: 20
Cena netto: 600,00 zł
Cena brutto: 738,00 zł
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